What is Getting in Your Way?

Chances are you have always been a high performer; growing your skills and rising to challenges that come your way. However, you may be finding that the skills and grit that contributed to your past success may not be working as well today. Perhaps you are in transition from one career to another and to effectively make that next leap forward feels elusive. Maybe there was an event that you didn’t see coming and it shook your confidence enough that moving forward seems overwhelming.

If something is getting in the way of your professional or personal performance, it’s time to get the support you deserve to get back to being the leader that you envision.

Ready to Move Forward?

As a leadership coach, I use intense conversations as tools to facilitate your personal growth and create plans that hold you accountable to the action steps that will move you towards the life you deserve.

There are three pillars my practice revolves around: Change, Choice and Chance.

CHANGE – To live is to experience change. Nothing remains the same and how we adapt to changes on a personal and organizational level has significant impact on our leadership abilities. Even the most welcome of change can be disruptive and as your coach I can help you adapt to transitions. I will assist you by leveraging your strengths and experiences – turning disruption and uncertainty into powerful leadership opportunities.

CHOICE – We make better choices when we have an open mind, correct information and a clear vision of our outcomes. Leaders are expected to make good choices for themselves and those who are inspired by them. As your coach I will ask questions that challenge your self-narrative and reduce the noise of irrelevant information to ensure that your choices and actions align with your performance goals.

CHANCE – Sometimes events happen that are out of our control such as companies closing or unforeseen shifts in our personal lives. How we cope with the chance element in our lives can have a profound impact in our ability to grow and move forward. As your coach I can help you avoid getting stuck in limiting beliefs, see possibilities and facilitate transformation to the new reality you may be facing.

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